About Us

We all have seen some parts of the world.

Some travel for business, some for pleasure and, sadly, some are forced to flee their homes in order to avoid war or persecution. 

To remember home is something magical. A true memory is not only characterised by what is  remembered but the feeling that memory provides. Under the threat of death, a Czech jeweller by the name of Jiri was forced to flee his beloved Prague during the spring war of 1969. In order to ensure the safety of his family he was forced to abandon his jewelry shop and all of his belongings. When he arrived in the Netherlands he fell in love with the canals, the architecture and history of the small houses and the beauty of The Netherlands. As his love for his new home grew, it inspired him to create a new line of jewelry; one that created a lasting physical memory of the place that once again allowed him to feel the sense of home.

We are all Residents of the world.