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A cookie, also known as, web cookie, browser cookie, or HTTP cookie, is a piece of information that is sent from a website and stored on a user's hard drive while surfing on a website that controls the user's movements on this website. When the user surfs to the relevant page again, the stored data in a cookie can be requested by this website to inform them of the previous activity of this user.


Resident Jewelery uses cookies which we can request when you visit our website again in the future. By surfing on our website you give us permission that we place a cookie on your hard drive and request it when you visit again in the future.  We use cookies to, among other things, track how often a visitor visits our website, what the content of his shopping cart is and what his previous purchases were to offer content that is relevant to the interests of this visitor. To do this we use website functionality cookies, website analytics cookies, customer preference cookies and targeting cookies.

The use of cookies is a standard in our industry and most web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. However, if you wish, you can change this to prevent cookies from being automatically accepted. If you specifically do not want to accept cookies from our website, you can do so on a cookie-by-cookie basis, provided your browser allows this. If you choose to limit cookies or not to receive cookies, you can continue to use most of the functions of our website, such as viewing and ordering products, but you must be aware that not everything will function like this intended. If you want to delete cookies that are already stored on your device, consult the help section of your browser.